Extremely calming & relaxing

I first saw Sarah 5 years ago to try out Reflexology & have never looked back since. Sarah & her treatments are extremely calming & relaxing & have helped me to manage a long term knee injury & contributed to a very relaxed pregnancy.

With Sarah’s knowledge of other holistic therapies as well as her experience in Reflexology you will always receive a well rounded, balanced & rejuvenating treatment which I would highly recommend to anyone.

The best massage I’ve experienced in West Berkshire

Sarah always provides a true holistic experience, she manages to understand your state of mind and body and works on them accordingly. Sarah is able to perform deep tissue or a relaxing massage dependent on my mood.

She has treated me for reflexology and massage over the past six years and I would highly recommend her.

Hypno-Gastric Band Therapy

I started having hypno gastric band therapy with Sarah as I struggle to lose weight and with 4 children it’s very easy just to pick at their food . I also have a massive addiction to diet coke which I have tried for years to beat with no luck . My first session with Sarah was to cure my diet coke addiction and change the way I feel about food. I was a little sceptical as I have tried everything but nothing worked. Well sarah is amazing!!! . I have not had diet coke for 6 days now which was unheard of for me and my whole relationship with food has changed . I no longer crave sweet things , I no longer pick at the kids food and I now take longer to eat and don’t mind leaving food on my plate !. I feel amazing in just a wk. I look forward to my next session .

Sarah was amazing and really helped me

I first went and saw Sarah after having the worst year of my life. I was stressed, tired and generally miserable. After sufferings two miscarriages and losing my mum to cancer it is safe to say I had a given up. I was a walking time bomb of stress, anxiety and fear of letting myself move on with my life. I hadn’t slept properly in months and was suffering from night terrors.The doctors wanted to prescribe me anti depressants but I really didn’t want to go down that route. I met Sarah and in pure desperation I decided to try reflexology. I must admit I was intrigued but sceptical.

Her treatments really worked in helping me relax, unblocked all my stress levels and our chats really helped me emotionally. She recommended treatments to heal myself emotionally before her treating me for fertility.

I had sessions every week and gradually started sleeping better and started to heal. Sarah kept a log of all our sessions so we could see how I had progressed. Once I responded to the treatment and I started to improve. Sarah started treating me for fertility and within a few months I was pregnant, I’m now 19 weeks pregnant which is the furthest along I have been. It’s all thanks to Sarah.

I highly recommend Sarah to do reflexology. She’s amazing and very good at her job!

Relaxing and refreshing

I’ve been having reflexology treatments with Sarah for about seven years now. Relaxing and refreshing, the treatments have helped balance my hormones, relieve stress and kept me feeling my best.

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